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I joined this crazy place on 2009-12-31, 9 years ago.

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iPad with 3g - 7 years ago

It should be unlocked, three do a very good microsim package that will work for £15 a month. I have that in mine. Reception around lakenheath village is not too bad, however i am based out of RAF Marh...

I need a favor, please! :) - 7 years ago

Hello, I spoke to a rep and they are unsure of the best people to ask as they do not deal with the overseas distro, however you can email them at : and they may be able to direct ...

Help - 7 years ago

Rabbit, try glasses guide, it's the UK version of the kelly blue book.

What is your speed? - 7 years ago

Hey Nate, on the outskirts of Lakenheath by the playing fields i get a download of about 7.2mb and an upload of 0.41mb. Ealry mornings are best, however after about 4pm the contention ratio really ...

Cell phone charges in uk and usa - 8 years ago

Hi John, Please remember that the PAYG charges for using the phones back homne in the states can be upto £1.10 per minute to make and even up to £1.50 (on some plans) to take. I would take your pho...

This happen/happening to anyone else? - 8 years ago

Hey Guys, I think this comes down to the old addage of you get what you pay for, or buyer beware. I have had it on the other foot, been stationed out at Creech for the RAF and found no real option but...

what do i do with this stuff? - 8 years ago

Hi, it's the Mildenhall Waste recycling centre and is located : Mildenhall Off A1065, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7JQ 1 mile north of 5-ways roundabout Further info at :http://www.suffolkrecycli...

Help!! I think we were ripped off, what do we do?? - 8 years ago

Hi lisa, if this was paid with a UK credit card, you should be covered under Section 75. Call the card company and explain that the company have not delivered and they should be able to charge back. i...

Uhhh excuse me!! - 9 years ago

Were in Lakenheath village and have an agreement with next door to use each others bins the night before if there is room, otherwise it is to the tip, although a large number of houses are empty where...

Legal Help With Online Purchase? Can They Do This? - 9 years ago

I am not sure about US law however had this been purchased under the UK Amazon site then any goods offered for Purchase are actually an "invitation to Purchase" under the sale of goods act, and as suc...

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