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What is your speed?

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That Tech Geek --- 7 years ago -

I want to try to gather a little bit of info from people in the area about your internet speeds. I currently live in Lords Walk and am seeing internet speeds slower than dial up in the states.
I think this will help a lot of people decide where they want to live depending on their style of internet use.
I am looking for peek time speeds. Unfortunately BT and Sky consider peek time between 5-11pm and they tend to throttle speeds significantly during these times.
If you don't know how to test your speed the easiest way is the visit and run the simple test and copy down your download speed.

Just post up your speed, the time/day of the week, and the town you live in. If you want to add more info like what speeds you are paying for that would be great too.


Southern Belle --- 7 years ago -

Ok, well it's 1:43pm for me here on the outskirts of Mildenhall. I pinged @ 44ms, Dl speed was 6.000 Mbps, and my upload speed was .67Mbps. We use sky are I haven't really had any problems. 

Southern Belle --- 7 years ago -

I'm not sure what speed we're paying for, but it's the truly unlimited plan it that helps. 

Paula --- 7 years ago -

I live past Ely towards Cambridge and I got ping 468ms, download .13mbps and upload .21mbps. Let me just say that we have the crappiest internet I have ever had anywhere!!! I love our house and our village but internet sucks!!! I am not sure what is normal or good, but I am sure this has to be worse than dial!!! 

Jeni --- 7 years ago -

We're out towards Norwich in farm country. Ping 46; download speed 147mbps; upload 0.38 mbps at 2:24 pm. It goes WAY slower after people get home from work and school :-(
We had a different place about 6 miles from here that was like having dial up again. Glad to not be there anymore! 

Steph --- 7 years ago -

It is 2:56 pm and out in Feltwell, we are getting 3.7mb (download)and 0.3mb (upload). We pay for unlimited, and it still does not go fast enough. I can tell you out of the three years I have lived here that between 1-3 pm are the best times to get on. After 3:30pm you are going to get lag; and the later it gets, the worse it gets. At night, I have had video's take 30mins to upload (3min video's). 

Voice of Reason --- 7 years ago -

Beck Row, 9.18pm = ping 89ms, download speed 2.68mb upload 0.55mb
Mildenhall should be better as thats where the exchange is. 

NEX-Girl --- 7 years ago -

Weeting, 8am, Ping 46, Download 3.4 and upload .37 

Nicholas --- 7 years ago -

Hey Nate,

on the outskirts of Lakenheath by the playing fields i get a download of about 7.2mb and an upload of 0.41mb. Ealry mornings are best, however after about 4pm the contention ratio really starts kicking in but eases up about Midnight. I belive only BT and virgin media offer the truly unlimited plans for this area as well, i have both services and they seem very similar. there is quite good HSDPA coverage of the village off the T Mobile Tower at Eriswell so a mobile dongal may be worth some people trying but watch the data limit. 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Well, it is currently 8:18AM here in Liberty Village and my internet speeds are as follows (by the way....we use BT):

Ping: 36ms
Download: 6.64mbps
Upload: 0.38mbps

Ok, it is now 1:11PM here in Liberty Village. My speeds are now as follows:

Ping: 33ms
Download: 2.24mbps
Upload: 0.38mbps

I'll edit this section later this evening with more data. 

Dawnmom25 --- 7 years ago -

Beck row
BT. Always:00
Eeeeeffffffffing. Sloooowwwwwwww! 

Jeni --- 7 years ago -

Beck row
BT. Always:00
Eeeeeffffffffing. Sloooowwwwwwww!

Don't hold back Dawn, tell us how you really feel ;-) 

susimaru --- 5 years ago -

My speed test results are,

I checked my internet speed test here .
Is this good or not 

a3284266uu --- 4 years ago -

15.55 on a Friday in June. Low Cost Car Rental on Mildenhall Industrial Estate on a BT account. Hitting 30.16 Mbs down and .94Mbs up. 

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