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I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-28, 8 years ago.

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VINCE - Moving & Hauling Services - 6 years ago

I wouldn't have been too lazy if I had known my trash was going to be picked through by someone claiming to run a legit business. Do you even have an answer about the question pertaining to your ILL...

VINCE - Moving & Hauling Services - 7 years ago

What is your excuse for going through the garbage that you pick up from people, taking what you want or what you think you can sell? What's your excuse for dumping everything in the ALS parking lot at...

Trampoline? - 7 years ago

I had a Ralph Lauren dress that was wrapped around a bag of trash. Trash that included poop diapers from the bathroom that was clearly marked, "Please do not pack this room". That was a pleasant surpr...

F. E. Warren - 7 years ago

I need to know about renting houses in Cheyenne. It's been...difficult to find anything that's more than a trailer or an apartment. We're leaving in a few months to head out there too and I really d... - 7 years ago

Personally, I would rather not rely on some drops or a pill to loose weight. I'd rather do things what I consider to be healthy. You know, that list of no-go's: fried foods, regular soda, ice cream (b... - 7 years ago

It is that hCG thing. The few people I know that have been suckered into this "plan", and claim to have lost so much weight...they don't look like they've lost that much weight. Mostly just bloating s... - 7 years ago

LOL! I've heard her talking about this little "plan" and getting other desperate sloths in on it. You take these drops, and eat something like 500 calories a day and you have to precisely measure y...

Crime Spike in Mildenhall - 7 years ago

Taloolah Brit Belle, If you honestly think for a minute that someone would get "pissed off with LYS" enough that they'd go around smashing windows in cars, don't you think more cars in the tri-base ...

PCSing from Sheppard to Lakenheath - 7 years ago

[i]Now, the Monroeville/Pittsburgh people often say things such as "Pellow" for Pillow, "Melk" for Milk and "Warsh" for Wash (i.e. "Warshing Machine"). These are just a small portion of the different ...

Is it rude....?? - 7 years ago

I've been on the other end. I bought a jumper from some girl on LYS, and a few weeks later I just happened to stop by the Trader Joe's or whatever it's called on Mildenhall. The girl I bought the jum...

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