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I joined this crazy place on 2009-12-27, 9 years ago.

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The Fox at Burwell - 7 years ago

We had really high expectations going there and the food was pretty good. Not worth the money we paid for it though. Portions were small and really overpriced in my opinion.

What is your speed? - 7 years ago

I live past Ely towards Cambridge and I got ping 468ms, download .13mbps and upload .21mbps. Let me just say that we have the crappiest internet I have ever had anywhere!!! I love our house and our vi...

Assignment: Mildenhall! We are excited!!! - 8 years ago

England is MUCH different than Germany! I have a lot of friends who prefer it here, but personally I prefer Germany. It is a lot more expensive to live here and you recieve the same amount of cola as ...

Newborn passport and birth certificate? - 8 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows about how long it takes to get the baby's passport and birth certificate. We were hoping to take a trip a few months after the baby s born and I have heard rumors that ...

Stoke On Trent - 8 years ago

Does anybody have any advice on where to go for tea sets there? Also any other sights or things we should check out. We are taking a trip up there for our anniversary so if anyone could suggest a nice...

PSCing to Dyess AFB Texas... - 8 years ago

Dyess was our first duty station. At the time my husband wasn't happy with being there but I didn't mind it at all. Abilene is a nice enough town with tons and I mean tons of churches! LOL! We didn't ...

osprey helicopters - 8 years ago

I agree but we still need to do what we can and anyone with any info who decides to post on here about how long they are staying is giving out information that doesn't need to be on the internet.

osprey helicopters - 8 years ago


expired drivers license. - 8 years ago

In AZ your drivers license lasts a LONG time! I got mine at 16 and it doesn't expire until I am 65! I always thought it was crazy, especially if I keep the exact same card....not sure I will look the ...

Frankfurt shooting 1 Lakenheath Airmen Died - 8 years ago

I think it was a whole combination of circumstances that lead to this. OPSEC, our guys standing out like a sore thumb and our miltary being predictable. Sometimes all the enemy has to do is be observa...

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