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Off lead dog walks

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Frank --- 9 years ago -

Where does everyone take their dogs for off lead walking and exercise? I feel that we go to the same places over and over and would like a change of scenery for me and my pooch. Here are some of places we have been that I can recommend. -Lakenheath Warren/Maids Cross Hill -Aspal Close Nature Reserve in Beck Row -RAF Feltwell field near the ball fields -Brandon Forrest -Thetford Forrest And because I have a dog that loves to swim, when weather permits we go: -Wells-Next-The-Sea -Santon Downham, near Brandon The coast offers many dog friendly beaches and is well worth the hour drive. We have also been to the Lake District with our dog. We enjoyed a four day camping trip with lots of walking, hiking, rain, pints, and watching our dog swim. I highly recommend the Lake District for a nice weekend away with your dog. Shops and restaurants are VERY dog friendly there. This is a great website that makes traveling within the UK with your pets easy. You can look for day trips or overnight trips to take with your pet. Any recommendations that you guys may have for off lead walks in the area will be greatly appreciated by me and my dog! I live in Feltwell, but as you can tell, we do not mind car rides to great walking places. Thanks!  

Nicole --- 9 years ago -

Thank you Frank. I've been trying to find good places. I take mine on lead to the Anglo Saxon Village -to the walking paths. It's so beautiful over there! We have also gone down to London-there is a park over in Greenwich that is beautiful. I dont know the name of it but near the obervatory. 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

Heya Frank, since moving here from London I've been so desperate to find big fields and places to walk my dogs off-lead. There is a field behind Sainsburys in Mildenhall Town and we try to take our dogs there, but we have to be careful as there tend be a lot of kids playing on the field at times during the day and as much as I trust my dogs completely, I'd rather keep my dogs away from loads of kids just to be safe. Could you give me the postcodes for the places you listed so I could put them in my sat nav please? What are the places like? Big fields or woodland or...? Cheers! x P.S: I would love to try out my dogs on swimming, but I am honestly scared in case they panic or get into a situation that puts them/me in danger. How did you know your dog like swimming? How do you keep it safe? Sorry for the all the questions, I took my dogs to Milton Country Park and there is a section there that is off-lead and they were very interested in the lake, but I wouldn't let them get too close.. 

Frank --- 9 years ago -

Hey no problem. We are always looking for new places to explore! When you went to London did you use the tube? Ever since my husband found out you can take dogs on the tube, he is hell bent on going to London with the dog. Only thing is, you must carry your dog when going up the escalator. I'm going for the sight of a man carrying a full size lab up the escalator. I will; however, be standing several feet back so people do not think I am with him!! 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

I lived in Highgate in North London for the first half of my life and was lucky to be (literally) sandwiched between two woods- Highgate Woods and Queens Wood so I never really had to travel with my childhood dog. I did take my old dog on the tube and yeah, you must lift them on the escalators as there have been a lot of incidents with poor paws getting caught.. Terrible stuff :( 

dude --- 9 years ago -

I don't have a pet but, I live in Newmarket and there is a huge field near my house. I don't know what it is called but it is off of Rowley Road (I think) and I see people there all the time playing w/ their dogs. 

Frank --- 9 years ago -

No problem, Susan. I can give you postcodes that I found when googling the places, but I am not 100% sure where those will take you! Maids Cross Hill- IP27 9EJ On the High Street of Lakenheath there are brown road signs that will point you towards Maids Cross Hill. I believe there is a picture of a bird on it. There will be a small car park on the right hand side of the road for the nature reserve. Don't spend all your time in the open space next to the car park, be sure to walk around until you find the gates that lead you through to the reserve! There is a path at the front corner of the car park that will take you to one of the entry gates. You will notice that RAF Lakenheath flight line and Maidcross Hill meet. This website will show you a map of Maidscross Hill. Aspal Close Nature Reserve, Beck Row- I was unable to find a postcode for here. I know you can access the nature reserve from the church car park at St John's St and Clement's Way in Beck Row. To get an idea of the area look at Google maps satellite view. Just search St John's St, Beck Row. The others are simple to find, all you will need to do is a Google search or simply put the place in your Sat Nav. As far as swimming goes, Labradors are known swimmers. We just assumed it was an instinct to him when we took him out. When he first got into the water he would only go as far as he felt comfortable and then come back to where he could touch ground. We have taken friends with us to the coast before and they have brought their dogs.. from Staffies to Yorkies to Weimaraners, all dogs that are not fond of the water. The particular dogs would only go as far as they could reach bottom, but they still enjoyed it none the less. I like the coast because the water depth is gradual and you and your dog has a bit more control of the water, just be sure to check the tide times or listen to the alarm they sound around tide times. Hope you are able to find all the places and thanks for introducing me to new ones! 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

Thank you very much! These places will really cheer my dogs up as they love being off their leads! And I never thought about the beach being a good starting point. Brilliant idea! 

NEX-Girl --- 9 years ago -

We take our pup to Weeting Castle almost every night, since it's close to us. It's a free national trust, but no one is there to monitor it, and dogs are allowed off lead. There's always other pups there playing:) 

Sarah --- 9 years ago -

Frank, thank you for this! There was one or two that I haven't been out to or heard about. I am glad you posted this! Another great walk area is Wicken Fen. 

Frank --- 9 years ago -

Susan- We have been to the park behind Sainsbury. If you follow the creek a ways, there are several places that allow for easy access for dogs into the water. We took our dog out to the Anglo Saxon reserve near Bury today and had a great time there. If you go to the lake you are able to have your dog off lead during certain times of the year (I don't remember what the months were) and it is currently off lead time. Whether or not dogs are allowed to swim, we do not know but we did let our dog enjoy the water and nobody told us otherwise. Thanks for all the great places, guys! We are excited to try them all out! 

dude --- 9 years ago -

Again, don't have a dog but my family went to the Newmarket racecourse near our house today and it is HUGE - tons and tons of open fields for dogs. We were the only ones out there w/ out a dog LOL. I don't know how far it was from the parking area but the land just kept going. You have to keep your dog on a lead BEFORE 1pm as that is when the horses are out but after that I'm assuming it is a free for all - it was today. There is plenty of land for dogs to run free, play etc w/out ever getting near any other jpeople or animals. There is also Devil's Dyke which you can walk on and look down at everything. Anyway - just thought I would mention it. 

Monday --- 9 years ago -

Here you are Emma and Jaymi!! 

Emma --- 9 years ago -

Thanks. This is where I found Weeting Castle...=) 

Susan --- 9 years ago -

I found a great place early this morning by accident and the dogs had a GREAT time - And we met other doggies on the walk too! Just before you hit Lakenheath's front gate there's a household waste dump (the sign for Elveden) just off of the main road. Go down that road and juuuust after the dump on the left hand side of the road is a small dirt car park for a piece of woodland. Park up there, walk past the gate and you've got a huge piece of woodland to explore with your dogs! Dogs ARE allowed off lead as well according to the signs :] 

Blair --- 9 years ago -


bellesparkes --- 3 years ago -

Thank you for the suggestion on Weeting Castle. Took my dog and kids and they all loved it.

There was a ton of dog poo not picked up! Apart from that lovely place to spend the afternoon, playing armies and chasing the dog. 

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