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I joined this crazy place on 2009-11-11, 9 years ago.

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4 legged kids... - 8 years ago

Aww, I love all the pics and videos...keep 'em coming folks! I know there has to be more ppl owned by their pets on the underground!

4 legged kids... - 8 years ago

@Aimee: I love Oscar's eyes, they're so expressive and I think they reflect her solemn nature :)

4 legged kids... - 8 years ago

This is my pretty Polly Portia...she's a 4 year old Cardigan Corgi that we rescued from a shelter in OK. She's such a sweetheart! [img]

R U SERIOUS??? Funniest thing I've EVER seen! - 8 years ago

They also call mutts "lurchers" here and I've seen ads for them for ridiculous prices as well. Insane indeed!

Are there any USAF retirees on here? - 8 years ago

I have a few questions for you!

Dog Walking Prices-Opinions Please! - 8 years ago

There's a kid in my neighborhood who offered to walk my dog a couple of times a week and told me I could pay him what I wanted. Thing is, I haven't got a clue! I'd like him to take our dog twice a wee...

Show from your "old days" - 8 years ago

Same here Dude, I grew up with Captain Kangaroo, the Electric Company, after school specials and School House Rock and I don't think I'm old, somewhat archaic maybe, but not old! lol

Spin off of Volcano thread. - 8 years ago

Sorry, the above didn't add my comment. I wanted to ask Jaymi what places are good to order from since we're fairly new here.

Spin off of Volcano thread. - 8 years ago

=( No I stopped ordering from any place that generally takes more than 3 weeks to get here so

Volcano NO fly zone UK - 8 years ago

Oh jeez, OPSEC is really not an issue here since anyone with eyes and ears (especially) can tell that there are no planes or jets flying!

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