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I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-16, 9 years ago.

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Off Base Ultrasounds??? - 8 years ago

You'll have to copy and paste.

Off Base Ultrasounds??? - 8 years ago

Cambridge/Ultrasound - 8 years ago

My husband and I first went to a4dbaby in Ipswich. They were good. . . Then we went to preview Ultrasound. We personally liked BOTH but preferred preview. The lady was super nice, she even cont...

Pet Insurance Info?? - 8 years ago

We have pet insurance for all 3 of ours. If something happened and they needed emergency attention, we don't have £1000's to pay out straight off. I'd rather pay the excess and let the insurance pay t...

leisure horse riding - 8 years ago

Hey, I sent you a private message =)

FAO: Here in UK - 9 years ago

It's funny how you think we would fall apart if we didn't have YOU. You don't do any of that anyway, right? because of how much you hate it all.

FAO: Here in UK - 9 years ago

Unfortunately, we have to put up with b!tches like you.

FAO: Here in UK - 9 years ago

Yeah, I only married my husband for YOUR benefits. What a sucker he is. We hate people like you and wish you never got stationed here. Guess the feelings mutual.

Vaccination Prices - 9 years ago

That's why I said maybe .

Vaccination Prices - 9 years ago

Eastgate vets are the best. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble about aquarius. Maybe they're nicer to American's because they need that side of the business. The Eastgate in Bury is the best (cos there's ...

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