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I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-23, 9 years ago.

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Hellooooooo :) - 5 years ago

HELLOOOO!!!!!! OMG I totally forgot about this place! I was sitting here watching the walking dead and it just popped in my head :) Then it took me quite a few tries to get my password figured ou...

RAF Lakenheath PCS pregnancy concerns - 5 years ago

I've had two babies at Lakenheath. My biggest complaint would have been the lack of appointments and getting through on the appointment line. I'd wait 15 minutes sometimes before I got an answer. T...

RAF Lakenheath PCS pregnancy concerns - 5 years ago

I was told 36 weeks is no fly when you have no complications. You should search on FB for lakenheath/Mildenhall/Feltwell spouses. There's a few different groups, someone is bound to better answer yo...

Hallmark - 6 years ago

Did you guys know that everything Hallmark at BX and BXtra is 75% off excluding Fathers Day and graduation stuff?!?!?! :) oh man, I went a little crazy today. I will probably be passing down tissue p...

My sons first credit card? scary... - 6 years ago

My mom did this with my brother and it went well except he went to apply for a loan to get a new car and was denied because the card (which she primarily used) was pretty much maxed out. Lol She didn...

July 4th cancelled - 6 years ago

I PM'd you back a3796410uu :)

New question about hotels? - 6 years ago

Did you see if Shakespeare lodge has anything? That's right outside of RAF Mildenhall

New question about hotels? - 6 years ago

Lakenheath village is outside of base. Or Mildenhall. There is a Travelodge in Barton Mills at the 5 ways roundabout.

July 4th cancelled - 6 years ago

We are actually getting ready to go to someone else's! Thank goodness, I won't have to clean up the mess for once! I'll actually get to have a drink or two this year! I was pregnant the last two y...

What shows are you looking forward to? - 6 years ago

Congratulations!! Boy or girl?

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