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RAF Lakenheath PCS pregnancy concerns

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Adrienne --- 6 years ago -

Hi! My husband joined the Air Force recently and he just received his orders for RAF Lakenheath. We are VERY EXCITED (always wanted to go to Europe). But I have a few concerns.
I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with our first child. I have been seeing a midwife here at home (GA USA) in preparation for an all natural water home birth. I am due November 18th and our report no later than date is October 31st. So obviously this turns into a complication. My husband doesn't graduate tech school until the 29th of this month. They told him I have to go to an on base doctor to be cleared by them to fly. And if I'm not cleared I have to stay here while he goes :( this is no good!
So basically I'm looking for some feedback? Does anyone know what the cut off is to be "cleared" by the AF doctors to fly? I haven't had any complications at all and am in good health and baby is healthy as well!
Also once in Lakenheath how would I go about continuing my plans for an at home natural water birth? Sorry that is so long...I'm starting to freak out a little. The thought of not being with my husband to have our first child scares me! 

Peace --- 6 years ago -

I was told 36 weeks is no fly when you have no complications. You should search on FB for lakenheath/Mildenhall/Feltwell spouses. There's a few different groups, someone is bound to better answer your question there! 😃 

Adrienne --- 6 years ago -

Thanks so much! I will! 

mellisa --- 6 years ago -

Adrienne - We are in the same situation! I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 1st and my husband's RNLTD is also 31 Oct. The AF standards for your PCM to approve flying while pregnant is 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after your estimated due date. However, each airline has different standards. Usually 6 weeks is pretty standard, but most require the certification from your doctor within 72-48 hours before your flight.
I am curious as well on what birthing conditions are like at Lakenheath. I have read different birthing stories, but most are 3 years old or more. 

Adrienne --- 6 years ago -

Melissa...I hope you have better luck than we did. Because I am so far along (now 29 weeks) the AF has diverted my husbands orders for stateside. We were both pretty dissappointed with the news. We were really looking forward to spending some time in Europe. Such is military life though I guess. Best of luck on your adventure! I hope it works out better for you guys! 

Peace --- 6 years ago -

I've had two babies at Lakenheath. My biggest complaint would have been the lack of appointments and getting through on the appointment line. I'd wait 15 minutes sometimes before I got an answer. They are VERY busy. It also worried me that if they didnt have any beds I would have to go on the economy to have my baby. (They don't offer you all the things like the states, like pads, diapers and such) Otherwise both of mine went well and I liked the doctors and mid wives. 

mellisa --- 6 years ago -


We had our Clearance appoinment yesterday and they have indicated that the pregnancy is going to be an issue. We are trying to leave 15 Oct, which would put me at 31 weeks. My OB says I'm ok to fly, and the AF standard says 6 weeks before & after your due date is the no fly time. So hopefully we will find out by next week if we are ok to go. I also am waiting to hear if I'm approved due to an Endocrinology issue.... FINGERS CROSSED! 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

As far as a water birth, my friend went through all the steps for that. I can ask her specific questions for u but from my understanding the resources are there and are amazing but tricare will not cover it. That's something to consider too if there are any complications and more medical help is needed. I'm not sure where the cost will lay. Either way I've only heard great things about the l&d at Lakenheath. I started out my ob visits there and did the group visits. I LOVED it and highly highly recommend them! :) good luck and welcome to England!! 

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