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Hellooooooo :)

who's talking here?

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O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

So it seems since this site began getting moderated it quickly got quiet and has been undergoing a slow death since then. :P

Sucks that it seems to have been a choice between the endless Jeff Davis bashings or some decent and civil conversations. I wish there was something I could do to liven this place up. I'm welcome to suggestions!

As for my silence, I was in the middle of a PCS and just recently delivered our first child. It's been a busy few months! I wonder how all our regulars are doing. :) 

Kimberly --- 6 years ago -

I only recently looked at this page after creating an account MANY moons ago. No clue who Jeff Davis is, and certainly don't want to get anything more going on that, but I love having a medium to connect with folks in the local area like this. I hope more people begin to get chatty soon! :-) 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Me too! The thread had a lot of views but I guess no one wants to chat. Ah well, can only do so much. Glad you came back around though! :) 

Peace --- 6 years ago -

HELLOOOO!!!!!! OMG I totally forgot about this place! I was sitting here watching the walking dead and it just popped in my head :) Then it took me quite a few tries to get my password figured out! hahaha How ya'all been? 

a4218193uu --- 6 years ago -

This site used to be awesome, don't think the moderators killed it, I think it was when the link was removed for LYS. No one knows it is still here , they think like I did that it had closed. I found it completely by accident searching for something else. Perhaps they can put the link back. 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

That's a good point a421.. that might not be a bad idea. I'll msg the admins about it. PEACE haha ur still around. AWESOME :) I know what you mean. It got so quiet here it was hard to check it every day. :) 

Kimberly --- 6 years ago -

Does anyone know why my iPhone turns all the photos I post to my bookoo page sideways? I don't have any software that turns them back upright (I don't think), and I know there is a button when you're looking at the site from a desktop that turns them, but I don't see it when I'm looking from my phone. Plus, I think the button that turns them only does it while you're looking at it and not permanently. I don't like to see them all sideways and I'm sure people wanting to buy an item don't want to see them that way either so any help would be appreciated! Thanks! 

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