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PCS this summer to RAF Mildenhall

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a4196518uu --- 7 years ago -

Hello. We are an Air Force family coming to RAF Mildenhall this summer. Anybody out there have recommendations on good areas to look for housing. We want to live off base. Also, have twins girls who will be 5 when we move. Leaning towards enrolling in British school system. Thoughts? How easy is it to do that? For those of you who are military, how was the transition to the UK? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!! 

Peace --- 7 years ago -

British school system is amazing!! My daughter started this past September. However, you had to apply in March I believe for them to be able to start in September. So they wouldn't be able to start until Spetember 2014.

The farther from base you are the bigger/better house you are going to get for your money. It's just up to you how much of a drive you are willing to make daily. We started in Newmarket, which was a lovely city, ( about a 20 minute drive to base) after about a year and a half moved to Mildenhall to be closer. I know a lot of people who live 30 minutes or so away and love it.
The transition is pretty easy, you just have to get used to the slower way of doing things. Like it took a month to get cable and Internet set up. It's not all rush-rush like the states. :)
We enjoy it here. Been here 4 years and have 3 more to go! 

jullie --- 7 years ago -

Your very welcome can you bring another 1000 with you as this place is Dead 

Jeni --- 7 years ago -

Welcome! I have four kids in the British school system and we have loved it. We moved into a house in August and enrolled our kids into their school then. You could look online with to see what the housing is like, but it's better to wait and pick the area after you get here and get a feel for it. 

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