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Best car rental needed

who's talking here?

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tigger --- 6 years ago -

Hi there,

My friends arrive on thursday and I would like some feedback please on car rentals around here.
NAS rentals is out of the question. Do I remember someone saying reliable rentals is good? 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

We had good experience with them. 

Peace --- 6 years ago -

We had a good experience with reliable rentals as well. 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

I ONLY recommend Reliable Rentals. 

tigger --- 6 years ago -

Thank you guys. I did have them on chat earlier to ask if they had anything to rent this week as my friend with family get here on thursday but they didnt reply, maybe I will call them instead. 

jullie --- 6 years ago -

Is your friend just visiting from the usa or are they from europe?.Usaa policy will not cover them to drive in the uk unless they are shipping a car. 

Kerrie --- 6 years ago -

Hi Tigger and welcome to the uk in advance. Always take an umbrella and despite the weather when you go out for the day, ALWAYS take 2 sets of clothing, what you are wearing, then take the opposite with you :D. As far as car rental, if you choose the cheaper option then you will be renting a USED car! Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but hopefully you know yourself, that anything that has already been used can be subject to problems BUT saying that brand new vehicles are not guaranteed not to have problems either! So just take it all in your stride, don't get stressed and enjoy being in England as much as you can! Good Luck :D 

tigger --- 6 years ago -

Hi Kerrie,
Thank you for you welcoming words and advice on the British weather. im used to it though as we was here for 5 years and are back for another 4 at least. The car hire is for my friends that arrive on thursday until their cars get here from the states. I love travelling all over the place and now I have a friend coming in the kids can play together and we can shop and have fun. :) 

BreezeAutoHire --- 6 years ago -

Hi Tigger, I am sure you have sorted your friends out with a rental for their stay as this post is now 20 days old, but I thought I would put a note here about my car rental business for you (or anyone else for that matter)for future reference.

My company Breeze Auto Hire Ltd. can help you all as we provide excellent rates on a wide range of rental vehicles for weekly and monthly hire.
We operate a fully secured online payment and order service so if you have friends or relatives coming over, an order can be placed while still overseas and a vehicle secured ready for the day they arrive.

Please take a look at our website or get in contact direct by giving me a call on 07799072786.

I hope I can assist with your rental requirements.

Jeni --- 6 years ago -

Yeah, another ad. 

BreezeAutoHire --- 6 years ago -

Hi Jeni,
Sorry if my post came across like an advert. I am only trying to help others out where i can. 

AFCartoonist --- 6 years ago -

It didn't come across as an ad - it was an ad. But it was also completely relevant. 

Jeni --- 5 years ago -

Hey, does everyone still recommend reliable rentals? Are they still operating? 

O.o (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

YES YES YES hehe Love them! 

Are we done yet --- 5 years ago -


Jeni --- 5 years ago -

Thanks everyone, Reliable Rentals-GREAT experience with them throughout the entire process. Would highly recommend!! 

Trudy --- 5 years ago -

Also try Steve's Car Hire, based in lakenheath 

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