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Unlocking a cell phone

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Rick --- 8 years ago -

We have two Samsung Phones from South Korea that we need to get unlocked so we can use them here in the UK. I heard there are some people on base that can unlock the phones for free. Can anyone help? 

lalaro --- 8 years ago -

Unlocking cell phones is illegal, last I heard. 

Matt --- 8 years ago -

LOL no its not do you know what unlocking is??? 

lalaro --- 8 years ago -

not uh I reads it a long time ago. Unlock = bad. I reads it. 

Peace --- 8 years ago -

Is phone unlocking illegal?
No, there is nothing illegal about unlocking your own phone so that it can use the SIM cards of other providers. What is illegal is trying to make a stolen phone work, say by changing its IMEI code. However, if the phone is your own property then you are allowed to unlock it.
One thing to be aware of is that you should not try to unlock a phone that has been justly blocked by the network. For example, if a phone has been stolen, then trying to rewrite the IMEI number is illegal. The phone will be blacklisted and you should not attempt to unlock it because the phone will not work. You should report any suspicion you have, that your phone may be blacklisted, to your Service Provider and help to cut down on mobile phone crime 

Matt --- 8 years ago -

Phone companies Lock their phones so you cant get a freebie phone then switch carriers. It is not illegal and the carrier you switch to Should be able to unlock it.
In the US it was just passed that even Jailbreaking is legal.
The old phone carrier should the have code to unlock it if whoever cant. 

lalaro --- 8 years ago -

That is exactly what I said. 

Matt --- 8 years ago -

"That is exactly what I said." 

No its not. 

Queenmel --- 8 years ago -

there is a place in mildenhall i believe. ask around base and i am sure someone can tell you where it is. The one we took our iphone to in Ely is no longer there. 

Midge --- 8 years ago -

I used a website to unlock a US Blackberry I bought here it only took a few minutes to get the code and to unlock it yourself and they have a guarantee that if it doesn't work you will get your money back. 

Brittany --- 8 years ago -

I just walked right into my cell carrier's store and asked them to unlock it for me. Simple as that. I don't know if there is ever a charge, mine was free, but it doesn't hurt to just ask! 

Robert --- 8 years ago -

You'll find guys on the Market places in most towns who will do it - There's a fee which is different for different phones - primarily due to the cost of software/cables to them & the newer nature of some phones. I took 1 to the guy in Lakenheath opposite the co-op.... I could have replaced the phone on eBay for the cost he bounced off of me to do mine - suggest you shop elsewhere! 

JUNK IT --- 8 years ago -

call vince at the lelecom place opposite shires in mildenhall 

Cherry --- 8 years ago -

Does anyone know of a provider that I can get a pay as you go sim for a blackberry from? 

Queenmel --- 8 years ago -

Go to Car Phone Warehouse. There's one in every bigger town; Bury, Ely, Cambridge. I am sure you can google and get a postcode. We have two pay as you go (one cheapy phone and one nlocked/jailbroken iphone) and use Talk Mobile. But carphone warehouse carries everyone and they all offer different stuff. I also believe you can check stuff out on their website. 

invaderzim --- 8 years ago -

It also depends on what phone it is and what operating system the phones contain...

Network Communications in Mildanhall Village unlocks phones. Give them a call its pretty cheap.

Also I have unlocked Android phones. Although with Android it's called 'rooting'. Let me know and maybe I can help.


Cherry --- 8 years ago -

Thanks Queenmel! I popped into Carphone Warehouse and they hooked me up. Oh and thanks to Midge too- I used the site like you suggested and that worked brilliantly! 

Queenmel --- 8 years ago -

Glad you were able to get what you needed Cherry! 

susimaru --- 5 years ago -

We have two Samsung Phones from South Korea that we need to get unlocked so we can use them here in the UK. I heard there are some people on base that can unlock the phones for free. Can anyone help?

Hi i suggest you to have a look at sites like here they render unlock code for all mobile models ..You can purchase unlock code for your samsung mobile from here and unlock your phone then freely use it in uk with out any issues .. 

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