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Crime Spike in Mildenhall

who's talking here?

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ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

yeah i want to open a Kesler (sp?) bank account.. oh wait.. DUHHH! 

Lol! I know...I don't often understand that logic at all. Luckily I don't listen to the radio much.

His Radio station has contacted me before about posts on here....threatening me and LU with their Solicitor. Isn't that a lawyer over here? At any rate I obliged SOME of the requests but not all. 

AFCartoonist --- 7 years ago -

Just because it's relevant: When I was a DJ for his radio station I was also the Cubmaster for RAF Mildenhall's Cub Scout pack. When the news/rumors/whatever you want to treat them as broke on this site, I ended my association with the radio station. So, while I don't agree with the unprofessional (yes, I know this is the internet) way and frequency with which the information has been presented here, it has come in handy (so to speak) for some of us who may have continued working with him and consequently been associated with the stigma that surrounds him. 

O.o (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

it has come in handy (so to speak) for some of us who may have continued working with him and consequently been associated with the stigma that surrounds him.

What do you mean? As in separating yourself from him just so you're not associated with that activity? Just wanting clarification. :)

I thought the information was good to know in the beginning too...but got old fast. Old and just plain childish. 

AFCartoonist --- 7 years ago -

As in separating yourself from him just so you're not associated with that activity?

Let me put it this way: Based on my dealings with the man, I'm not so quick to dismiss some of the rumors circulating about him. Based on my own personal experiences and no one else's hearsay, some of the rumors - and in fairness I won't say which - make sense to me. When we were all directed to the website showing his picture and his name and the alleged criminal activities he was linked to, I for one was thankful to the person who brought it to our attention because that's the kind of thing you want to know about someone you work for, voluntarily or otherwise.

As for the truth behind the allegations, it doesn't matter - in the Scouts, an accusation is enough to warrant disassociation. 

AFCartoonist --- 7 years ago -

Unprofessional maybe...

When I want people to take me seriously, professionalism is one of my foremost concerns. 

O.o (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

in the Scouts, an accusation is enough to warrant disassociation.

Ah okay, I think I got it. If you'd stayed at the station, associating yourself with someone who may or may not have done that stuff could have reflected poorly on you with the Scouts.

That's one the few times I can imagine the truth doesn't matter as much as keeping the children safe.

if it stops just ONE more case of abuse, then it will have been worth every keystroke by all concerned.

There's a line between trying to do what's right and becoming so obnoxious that you yourself become the problem.

If I recall correctly it wasn't the original posts (either by Rolf or Brian - I can't remember) that were the problem but the subsequent incessant character bashing that went on and on and on...and then the repeated link postings that were more than 5 years old.

Also, I think it was mentioned that the original poster had an alterior motive behind their actions (some kind of business deal gone bad, I think?) and they were only interested in putting the guy down and not finding out if he was still doing it or at least reporting it to the local authorities for investigation. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

I take it that this person was never convicted. Please tell me we did not let a convicted paedophile into our country!! 

LeopardPagan --- 7 years ago -

this is where the UK falls down.
someone can commit a crime in another country, move here.. have a CRB check done and none of the prev countries crimes show up. heck if they cant check what you did in another UK County (Huntley case), another country is deffo out! 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

If it walls like a duck and quacks like a duck, etc and that's most definitely a duck!!!!
I suppose having dual nationality would have made it impossible for the UK not to let him in.
Oh dear this is not good at all!! 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

All this does for me is prove that Brian is also Rolf. All Jeff Davis stuff aside...who else thinks its cool that Brian/Rolf has two accounts (likely more) on here? 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Ok Brian, who should I send it to for proof reading and sending it to him? You? Also, FYI "He whom which do not speak of" isn't Jeff Davis. It's you, or rather your other profile name. 

O.o (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Ugh, here it all goes again. 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 7 years ago -


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