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Crime Spike in Mildenhall

who's talking here?

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle 19
Peace 4
Heather 1
O.o 8
AFCartoonist 3
Didnt Go to the West Coast cos 1
Dawnmom25 5
Southern Belle 4
MChammer 1
meanie 2
sophie333 2
LeopardPagan 4
a3533241uu 2
Taloolah Brit Belle 17

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meanie --- 7 years ago -

Hey everyone, if you don't like reading SSDD's comments there is HIDE COMMENT button. There is little use in complaining about complaining.

Everyone can have their own opinion about this place. This guy is far from being the only person who hasn't liked it here. If people are so desperate to come looking for opinions on this place, they would be a fool to expect only rainbows and sunshine about it or any place in the world for that matter.

And this pikey comment, I've seen it used by at least one brit on here who said their father said they lived in pikeyville now or something to that effect.

It really is getting tiring to see a whole bunch of adults ( who don't have to read something) gang up on one person (who isn't rude to any one person) with such viciousness. There is no call for it when you don't have to read it.

Need I stress the hide comments button? 

Peace --- 7 years ago -

I was being sarcastic in my comment. I prolly should have added a squinty face smily. I don't think SSDD is a racist either. Lol. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

Hey Meanie
"And this pikey comment, I've seen it used by at least one brit on here who said their father said they lived in pikeyville now or something to that effect."

I don't believe i said or even implied that 'brits' don't use this word!! I was just trying to help SSDD keep the rest of his vehicle windows intact!! Guess you just can't help some people!!

So as I see it your comment is complaining, about us complaining about SSDD's complaining!!! You really couldn't write it could you!!! :) 

meanie --- 7 years ago -

Well that's the way you see it but that's not the way I wrote it. It's all in the personality I guess.

I suppose I should just jump on board with everyone else and bash the guy. Apparently now since he used the word pikey, that's what got his window smashed? Because that's what you are implying. If you can equate that if someone might have insulted you with being able to destroy property as retribution, you are no better than the low life who did this. And I believe that's all it was. A low life who thought they could destroy someone elses property.

As for the pikey comment, I pointed it out because everyone jumped all over the guy without even chastising one of your own. It was used in the same thread by both people. I think it's just because the guy doesn't like your country, you don't like that he's not shy about it so you are nit picking about everything he's saying.

Here is the thing, he's actually helped people by posting links and even trying to help someone fix something even when insulted at the start of the thread and has complimented you on your name. Most of what you have to say is just bashing this guy even if you want to put a positive spin on it and say you are just trying to help. So there you go. I'm just saying what I see and answering your reply. I won't again. Because I can really see you getting super nasty about it. I'll be using my own advice and hiding comments. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

You make way too many assumptions in your comment! 1). You assume that Sophie333 is English because she has lived here for 27 years although she clearly states she was at Tucson before coming here! 2) you assume I am a 'low life' (and you say I am getting nasty, blimey mate you reached nasty way before me!) 3) ypu assume that I am implying that his window was smashed for using the word 'pikey' (another incorrect assumption)
So as the saying goes ' when you assume you make an A*S out of U & ME
You have obviously read his other posts so will hopefully see that contrary to 'picking on him I have suggested help and vitamins for him!! Alas I am wasting my typing here as you are hiding this aren't you?
I really don't care if people don't like the country there are more than enough here who do 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

Oh and please don't try and make out that I am anti American as my son in law (who I love dearly) is ex USAF and for the 20 years we have lived in Mildenhall our neighbours have always been American and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

Just another 'heads up' SSDD the ' C' word is actually still quite offensive in GB as well. B4 anyone jumps on me I'm not picking on him I'm just explaining it like I would to any of my American friends! As we all know we share an uncommon language and I think it is helpful to point out the pitfalls of using the wrong word! 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 7 years ago -

Yeah I know I'm talking to myself! Lol! I do that a lot!!! 

Southern Belle --- 7 years ago -

We actually asked a local policeman what it was like here before we bought our house.

It depends where in Mildenhall you live. We were in the new housing development and while it looked nice from the outside there were police being called out there on average 4 times a week. Cars were always being broken into (both American and British), garages were being broken into, and a ton of other problems. I'm not saying that all of Mildenhall is bad, but the area I lived in was pure hell. 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

No, to answer the question I'm of course not "racist". The last I checked this was 2012 not 1712.

Yeah, lots of people like to nitpick about what I've got to's a shame sometimes because I'm not this monster that spits insults in every direction. I certainly did not ask for someone to smash out my truck's window. Some screwball apparently decided I no longer needed a back window.

My use of the word "Pikey" wasn't used to describe a Romani/Gypsy....but I did make it a point to point out that at the time I DID live next to a caravan park. 58 Woodlands Way....that was the address. We had excellent neighbors, great BRITISH landlords and we genuinely liked the area. However I'm a protective parent and a loving husband. No way in H-E double hockey sticks was I going to stay there after this nonsense happened. So, we moved to a giant barn conversion (which we loved too). People get the wrong idea...I don't hate England, I don't hate Brits. There are simply many aspects of this country in which I DO find the USA to be more accommodating and enjoyable than here. Call me crazy if you want but it's true. Sure, I may complain about things that seem "petty" to some but I'm a "homebody" and the things going on in my immediate surroundings are important to me.

Did we go to the Police when the window got smashed out? We reported it....but obviously didn't expect anyone to lift a finger about it. Of course nobody did either....nobody even showed up to look at the damage and photograph it officially.

My Son used to go to Great Heath Primary School. If you search some of the threads I've posted I point out that there is a particular Audi A4 that people need to watch out for because the operators of said vehicle are "travelers". The idiots PASSED me on a speedbump doing about 40MPH. When I alerted one of the school staff about these people he told me flat out "Oh, they are Travelers....we don't bother NEVER FORGET. Even the Police won't do anything to them, they are above the law! You'd be smart to avoid them!"

Ha! I wanted to punch the slimy little twerp out! I've seen the Pikey documentaries...I know they practice boxing all the time. You see them sparing as little kids, then fighting each other. You never see a single one of them dodge a knee to the gonads though. That is what I was angry enough to do! That jerk, I had my baby (who was brand new at the time) in the car with me! He nearly ran me off the road! They disgust me with their arrogance. Who do they think they are?!

And guess what? This happened in Mildenhall....everyone knows about the Pikeys that live in West Row. I'm certain people have read in the paper how a young man was shot in his car and found dead the next West Row. In that report the police questioned the pikeys that live over there and of course didn't get any answers.

I agree with Southern Belle, not all of Mildenhall is bad...that is true. There are however quite a few areas where some truly insane individuals live and cause trouble. The term "Pikey" is one of those words that really only should be offensive to Pikeys. Travelers that are genuinely good people shouldn't have any reason to be offended by the term. Labels are everywhere, the problem nowadays is everyone seems to find a reason to be offended. Maybe being offended by stuff is "hip" now? I don't know. I've been called all kinds of things....does it ever change me? Nope. I'm white but does that mean I'm a "White devil"? Haha! Well I've never pillaged a village and left a town smoldering. I've never kept a slave, I wasn't alive during the holocaust (although I do know a funny joke a British man told me about a holocaust survivor). So I wouldn't be offended if someone called me some sort of "insulting term". Whatevs! I know who I am, I know where my heart is and if you KNOW me then you would too.

O.o you know I love you man!

Taloolah, I'm not sure Vitamins are going to make me believe that England is better than Florida/Southern Georgia. Maybe if I had a REALLY stiff drink followed by a hit of some good Lysergic Acid Diethylimide maybe I'd think differently about being here. But that hasn't happened and it isn't likely going to.

I'm just one of those people that likes what I like and do things a certain way. I'm a creature of habit, although adaptable I do have preferences....and I just haven't been impressed with the duty station and the surrounding area.

If I had a mountain of cash then being stationed here would have likely been a different story.

I will finish by saying this. We do intend on taking a Military Hop back here in a few Summers...without children. I'm fairly certain it will be more enjoyable then as we will officially be tourists...not residents. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 6 years ago -

Never try and help someone it always comes back and bites you on the arse!! Peace out!! 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Never try and help someone it always comes back and bites you on the arse!!

Not always, sometimes it can be very rewarding....even if it is thankless.

Ya know...if ya can't beat 'em join'em. I LOVE it here. England is the greatest, they have the richest history in all the world and THE nicest people. It makes me actually DREAD going back to the USA. Eww!

I called my Dad last night and told him that I liked England MORE than America. He disowned me....but ya know what? Who cares! Who needs him!? 1776? Big effin' deal I say!

I wish we could IPCOT and stay here for even longer. Stupid New Jersey! What, I mean WHAT does THAT place even have to offer that is better than what RAFM/RAFL offers?! Right?! Are ya all with me? I thought so.

I've turned a new leaf ya'll! From THIS day forth I'm changing my name to reflect my sincerest love for this place. From now on I'm going by "Union Jack" savvy?! Up with the Queen DOWN with Obama!

You've all taught me the error of my arrogant American ways. I repent!

I see now that being an individual and not conforming to every little thing everyone else conforms to is stupid! Instead I will now strive to be the same as you all...because as my Dad once told me "Follow the path of least resistance".

So yeah! Screw SSDD! He's schtupid! Union Jack is the NEW me mates! I'll be sure to spread the word once I get to McGuire of how awesome this place is and how accepting everyone is to differing opinions....oops I mean how differing opinions go against progress and to instead follow the other lemurs...I mean people! Oh, and I'll be sure to slap the first American that calls them "fries" rather than CHIPS! 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 6 years ago -


O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

So yeah! Screw SSDD! He's schtupid! Union Jack is the NEW me mates! I'll be sure to spread the word once I get to McGuire of how awesome this place is and how accepting everyone is to differing opinions....oops I mean how differing opinions go against progress and to instead follow the other lemurs...I mean people! Oh, and I'll be sure to slap the first American that calls them "fries" rather than CHIPS!

LOL! Did someone finally get some Vitamin D? ;) Silly lol 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

LOL! Did someone finally get some Vitamin D? ;) Silly lol

Hahaha! Nope, just getting closer to the big flight. I guess I'm "letting loose" a little. Coming out of my shell as it were.

We still on for Saturday? Be forewarned! My house is currently a WRECK due to all the moving going on. Look forward to seein' ya homie! :) 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

You too beard man! 

LeopardPagan --- 6 years ago -

1) thieves look for easy targets - FACT so dont let your property/your self be an easy target!
2) in case ya didnt know.... USAF personnel/family etc are not well liked around here! thank the idiots who cause most the accidents around here, have BIG chips on their shoulders, think the world owes them, take up places in local schools that belong to British kids... then wonder why they get targeted in pubs/community?
3) travellers live EVERYWHERE! not just in west row, Mildenhall, Beck Row, Lakenheath, Brandon, Red Lodge, newmarket, bury st edmunds, Ely, Littleport.. want me to continue?
4) Travellers deal with their own issues in house. the shootings last year was a family feud.

and a history lesson for you ALL.
This area has had a link with travellers for a very long time, they were here before YOU were. This area also has a lot of magical (pagan) lore & most travellers are also linked with. 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

This area also has a lot of magical (pagan) lore & most travellers are also linked with.

Do you know any? Or know any books about it for local lore? 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 6 years ago -

I'm a pagan! What do you want to know?
And for the record I like the Americans, obviously not all of them the same as i don't like ALL the english, chinese, etc who live in this area! I don't judge people on where they come from but on how they treat me ie 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' but if you try to do somehting dubious while you're behind me watch out!! Lol!
Leopard Pagan I think you'll find that the majority of travellers (see Union Jack this is what you cAN call them!) actually follow catholicism. I do however agree with you over the taking up of places in English Schools this is unfair on our overstretched education system. And don't get me started on the not having to pay counsil tax!! 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

And don't get me started on the not having to pay counsil tax!! 

I'm not an expert...but that is possibly in the SOFA between the US/UK. It's likely in some contract somewhere. I'm glad we don't pay it though! Rubbish! Horribly high taxes that not many Americans could even afford. Our last house off base the council tax was close to 4000 pounds, which at the time the exchange rate was HALF! Example, 250 quid was worth $500! We would have gotten bankrupt just because of one tax!

We would have likely starved, froze to death or both. 

LeopardPagan --- 6 years ago -

USAF also get 1st year road tax free too, & they can claim back VAT on quite a few "big spend" items!

The old school travellers still practise the old ways, but not many of them left :0(

Books on local lore.. google up & see what you can find.. or why not go to the local Moots & ask. 

Peace --- 6 years ago -

My daughter will be starting British school in September, sorry!! I think it's great for her to get the experience and schooling. She also goes to Busy Bees which I absolutely adore that place and I will say that not once have I ever seen a British parent volunteering in her class. It's always American parents. I think it's important to
help out in your child's classes when they are young. They always seem to need and appreciate the help! 

Peace --- 6 years ago -

Oh wow! Even at Busy Bees? Don't see why they would be asking for volunteers. You aren't allowed to take them to bathroom or be alone with them ever. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 6 years ago -

Brian are you talking about one person in particular? 

Dawnmom25 --- 6 years ago -

I think Brian is referring to (he we don't speak of) and the guy he always posts about. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 6 years ago -

Any reason why this particular pervert has grabbed your attention? 

Didnt Go to the West Coast cos --- 6 years ago -

Any reason why this particular pervert has grabbed your attention?

He grabbed what !!!!1'?/#~. 

ShizzleShizzleDizzleDizzle (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

I think Brian is referring to (he we don't speak of) and the guy he always posts about.

Brian IS "he in which we don't speak of". He likes to pick on me for basically telling him to stop this losing crusade against a certain radio DJ ON AN INTERNET CHATROOM. Not yelling at you DawnMom, just yelling at he in which we don't speak of.

When is this guy going to stop blabbing on this site about that radio DJ? I mean seriously....what the heck has it helped? I'm sure he'll say "Oh! It HAS helped because it alerts the new people in the arear about a pedo..." blah blah blah. The fact remains none of us on HERE have any authority to arrest anyone, none of us can prove any of the accusations....not because none of it isn't true...but more because the ACTUAL authorities should be handling this. Not mods, admins and average posters.

Brian, Rolf...Carl....whoever the heck you are. Quit acting like I'm the makes me want to ring your neck. I may have removed threads/posts of yours in the past....and if I did then it was because what you go on about could be considered LIBEL. I don't think Adam & Austin want to deal with a libel threat from some guy across the pond.

If you have proof, lots of witnesses and can PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that this particular radio DJ is evil then GO TO THE POLICE. This radio DJ may consider all of which you say as Libel....but here, on this board I consider it SPAM. Mostly because you keep on about it and still nothing has happened in FAVOR of this case. Get off here and go to the cops. 

Taloolah Brit Belle --- 6 years ago -

I'm confoooooozed is his beef with the cumberland county man or someone else?! 

LeopardPagan --- 6 years ago -

"a certain radio DJ"
ooooooh i know who it is.. & year "heard" the stories.

oh BTW Liable suits dont happen in the UK... only where most of you & said DJ comes from.. thing is.. YA ALL LIVE IN THE UK!!...

the only think i dislike about "that" radio station is that its off base, yet advertises stuff that off base locals cant even use.. yeah i want to open a Kesler (sp?) bank account.. oh wait.. DUHHH! 

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