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New V.P.C.

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Kerrie --- 5 years ago -

As from the 1st of May, you have to go to the new V.P.C. which is located at the B.M.W. Car sales site at Mildenhall. Prior to this, vehicles were shipped from Transcar (V.P.C.) in Brandon, the "under carriage" was cleaned as part of the shipping contract there BUT it is not part of the shipping process at the new V.P.C. so is now down to you, the member to get it cleaned and if it is not done properly, your vehicle will be rejected and you will probably have to re-schedule for another appointment, which may be days/weeks later. If you contact the V.P.C. on 01638 515714, they will hopefully be able to put you in contact with where you can take your vehicle to, to have the under carriage cleaned. 

star rentals --- 4 years ago -


star rentals --- 4 years ago -

hi star rentals can do a full pre shipping clean in accordance to vpc guidlines, we can do undercarriage and engine cleans, we dont guarantee a pass (we feel thats impossible) but we do guarantee that if in the unlikely event you fail after we have cleaned your vehicle we will sort it with no extra charge :)call us on 07475659069 

Kerrie --- 4 years ago -

Star Rentals? Who are you and where are you located? Why don't you guarantee a pass? Surely if the vehicle is cleaned properly and you have a ramp to inspect the undercarriage (because you HAVE to have a ramp to be able to inspect the vehicle properly, the V.P.C. do!) after you have cleaned it, why wouldn't it pass? I take it that you do have a ramp? You must know, that "in the unlikely event that the vehicle fails the inspection" the member may not get another appointment for maybe up to two weeks time! They may be leaving the country before then, then what are they supposed to do? What if, they are travelling down from Menwith Hill or Cheltenham (3-4hr journey) because as along with so many, their V.P.C has closed? They will have to drive ALL the way back again! They then have to find someone to give Power of Attorney to, and then hope it passes with them! Added aggravation & unwanted stress for them, as if they haven't got enough to worry about! Surely they deserve a guaranteed pass for piece of mind, IF the job is done RIGHT? 

star rentals --- 4 years ago -


star rentals --- 4 years ago -

hi kerrie we are in beck row. no one can guarantee a pass unless its an inspector cleaning the vehicle, it would be wrong of us to guarantee it, we do have a large ramp so we can walk under the vehicle to clean undercarriage, we do a very thorough clean, probs more detailed than needed but we dont want fails, (we have had none yet). From what we have seen so far some things get passed on some cars then fail on others (from what we have been told by people who have been through it) so we just do all those things on all cars which seems to work. we have had customers travel from Cheltenham for clean here and have had no complaints from them. we have had cars sent here from vpc for undercarriage fails (not ours) and we have done the undercarriage, sent them back to vpc and have not heard of anyone waiting long for re-test.
all i can do is assure you that we do our very best to get you and your vehicle through 1st time and stress free and that we always do the job right. 

Kerrie --- 4 years ago -

Are you the company that is located up a the farm track road? 

star rentals --- 4 years ago -

Star rentals are located along a gravel road, not a farm, a secure unit behind locked gates. We do ask that after an undercarriage clean you drive slowly along the gravel lane, we have had no problems with this, no vehicles have failed due to the lane, we have had failures from other cleaning companies sent to us and they have all passed after our clean, we take pride in our work and would feel that we fail if cars dont pass, we have had nothing but good feedback from customers and they have recommended us to their friends 

Kerrie --- 4 years ago -

Star rentals, just an up to date update. Have you had any failures yet? Are you included in the voucher system for the undercarriage clean? Why does the vehicle have to drive slowly over a gravel road? You say that "no vehicles have failed due to the lane" but have any failed due to your cleaning? Many thanks in advance :D 

PCS Hell --- 4 years ago -

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO STAR RENTALS!!! We failed our inspection for MUD on the struts, mud flaps and bumper. The mud was caked on. It cost us 80 pounds and they delivered our vehicle to the VPC. Unbelievable, we had to wait over a month to get the car inspected again. Failing for mud is just a ridiculous oversight on Star Rental's part. I would recommend Kerrie's (Brandon) or Steam Genie (Newmarket) 

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