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Best cell phone Coverage

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NicoB --- 5 years ago -

I just recently pcs'd here and I'm looking for a replacement cell phone. Right now I'm looking at getting a pay as you go account with 3 for an IPhone 5c. However I hear that coverage is spotty, is there any recommendations out there? 

AFCartoonist --- 5 years ago -

Vodafone is spotty as well. We're in the countryside - not a lot of towers. 

Kimberly --- 5 years ago -

You have probably already decided on a carrier by now, but just in case you haven't. I have Orange and it has really good coverage when I used my Alcatel phone. I switched to an iPhone 4S and I basically have NO reception on RAF Lakenheath at all anymore now. I know a lot depends on the provider, but it also depends on the phone as well. My husband's old work phone had O2 and it had GREAT coverage with that phone. Now he has Vodaphone and it stinks (but same phone)! I will say that I preferred my coverage with my cheaper phone through Orange over any others though. Just not wanting to give up my iPhone for it. Good luck! 

Trudy --- 5 years ago -

Best coverage is with the Tesco mobile network. I've been with them for years and my phone works most places everyone elses doesn't! 

O.o (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

That's who we used too. Pay as you go. 20 pounds lasted us a lonnnnng while. Especially since they give you bonuses for topping up! 

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