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a4218193uu --- 5 years ago -

Is this the beginning of the end of USAF in the UK??? The vast majority of the British public sincerely hope so, while the pikeys that sell and rent cars may lose out, the ordinary working Joe won't be effected. We will actually be able to open our windows in the summer and feel safe on OUR roads. Come on guys you have been here long enough, go and take care of your own country and leave the British to take care of theirs. 

AFCartoonist --- 5 years ago -

Haha... right. Troll somewhere else, will ya? Let this site die in peace. 

Veracis --- 5 years ago -

Troll indeed; twisted individual! Perhaps all these decent, polite, disciplined young guys and girls who are excellent ambassadors for United States, many of whom have become good friends to us British over the years, make this ?troll? feel threatened or inadequate in some way. Well long may they continue to do so! These brave souls also have the intelligence to know such poison-pen messages are in no way representative of how ninety nine per cent of the local population feel, so perhaps s/he would like to crawl back under the stone from which they came. 

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