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new orders to lakenheath! FREAKING OUT!!!

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nicole soper --- 5 years ago -

hi everyone! so, I just found out yesterday that my hubby and I will be going to lakenheath in june (yes, its a long ways a way and wayyyy too soon for me to be freaking out, but I am SERIOUSLY a planner and I have panic attacks if I cant plan as much as humanly possible. sounds crazy, but true) so im trying to find out as much as possible to ease my mind. I would greatly appreciate any help! :)

1) I think my biggest concern is finding a job. I work full time now and my husband and I definitely need to both be working in order to pay bills and what not. how hard is it for spouses to find a job these days? any advice on how to find one as quickly as possible?

2) Going along with my first question... does anyone know how much an e-5 with no kids takes home? when I say I am a planner, I mean a planner. ALL of our bills are planned out to the penny until January of 2014 & I add a new month as we leave the previous month. I think that will honestly help to ease a lot of my anxiety if I can at least have a ball park # to kind of plan.

3) housing and utilities... I know that if you live off base there is a cap on your OHA but ive heard you get a crazy amount for utilities. are they really that expensive? on average how much do they cost for 2 people with no kids?

4) do you have to convert your car? like is that an absolute law? also, do we have to register the car over there like you do in the states? is it crazy expensive to do that?

5) how hard is the medical clearance? I have a pituitary tumor so I know that's already going to be an issue. anyone know if they have endocrinologists out there?

I really would appreciate any help you guys can give me! thank you soooooo much in advance!!! :) im freaking out and I need help!!!! :/ 

mellisa --- 5 years ago -


The first thing I'd say is breath. :) You have a heck of a lot more time than we did. My husband got orders, and his RNLTD was only 3 months out. We are supposed to leave 15 Oct and still are waiting for Medical Clearance and our official orders to be cut!
You should do a bit of research. Many of your questions can be answered on the RAF Lakenheath official website, Plan MyMove.
I don't know about jobs, but I do know that you can find out the exact amount of OHA and COLA by logging on to Yes, if you bring an American car it is LAW to have it converted and brought up to their standards.

Now, as my limited experience has taught me so far, the Medical Clearance is going to be your biggest issue. I too must see an Endocrinologist and was told yesterday at our Clearance appointment that I have been coded as EFMP and must be approved by the gaining base. If I were you, I would start as early as possible obtaining your medical records, and getting your AF 2792-1 filled out by your PCM. That will probably take the longest to do.

We will know next week (hopefully) if we are approved or not.

Also, this website Life Lessons of a Military Wife - on Moving has been a wealth of knowledge for me.

GOOD LUCK with getting ready to go! 

O.o (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I wish we had a like button ^^ :) 

Kara --- 5 years ago -

I agree. 

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