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Bruce86 --- 6 years ago -

Anybody been to or heard of a good, reasonably priced Seafood restaurant? 

AFCartoonist --- 6 years ago -

Lots of 'em over on the coast. 

Bruce86 --- 6 years ago -

AFcartoonist, thanks, I was kinda of looking for a name of a creditable place. I don't really feel like driving to the coast and not know where to go. 

Veracis --- 6 years ago -

The Riverside is a good place where you can find fish on the menu, or if you prefer, .. sushi? ~ 

O.o (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

There's a few, as afcartoonist said and I wish we could have checked them all our. Among my favs though was the white horse in brancaster (oysters so fresh sometimes they were still moving!!! And food was just wow!) and the little restaurant at the southwold pier. The latter is a bit of a trek but if ur in the area it's a nice place to top for a bite. :) 

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