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Just PCS'd in and looking for a car

who's talking here?

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just sayin --- 7 years ago -

My wife and I just moved in and we are looking to buy a vehicle. We Are not looking for anything perfect. We need something affordable and be able to last us for the duration of our station here. Preferable an automatic. Please message me with any helpful info. Thank you! 

johnsalt --- 7 years ago -

lots of local car sales try Mildenhall car sales in beck row,they are open on sundays,ask for mike Golf 

just sayin --- 7 years ago -

thanks for the help. I will try and look it up on a map. Hopefully its not too far of a walk. 

Wouldnt you like to know --- 7 years ago -

It is quite a walk to Beck Row I would suggest renting a car until you can find one. Check the lemon lot on Lakenheath if that is where you are. We have found both our cars there. Also there is the yard sale site you can look at. 

Matt --- 7 years ago -

Autotrader or Ebay forget around here its priced high for the military. 

David --- 7 years ago -

Would not recommend Ebay, absolutly no recoarse if anything goes wrong, cars are on Ebay for a reason. Buy from a registered dealer, if anything goes wrong withing the first month they have to fix or give a refund. 

Catherine --- 7 years ago -

My husband sells cars when he's not working on the base. All the cars he finds and sells are for less than $1500. If you let me know what type of car you are looking for, I'm sure we can get you something dependable and not too costly! 

wifey (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

We are looking to sell our Automatic car. Msg me if you're interested! 

Julie --- 7 years ago -

I've had better luck buying off of people leaving the base then I ever have dealing with registered dealers.


I'd look on the lemon lot. That's where we found our van at an awesome price. 

Voice of Reason --- 7 years ago -

I've had good & bad experiences on ebay, not all car sellers there are crooks with something to hide.

I would check all prices on:

Good luck. 

Matt --- 7 years ago -

I meant Ebay other then the stealerships that prey on local military. But yeah LYS private sale or the Lemon lot or word of mouth. I would stay away from High mileage German cars they are problematic. The engines will last forever but that doesnt do you any good if it wont start. 

lalaro --- 7 years ago -

Whoah, Catherine, I'ma need you to hook me up!!!! 

Catherine --- 7 years ago -

No problem. Just send me an email with what you are looking for i.e. manual/automatic; 2 or 4 door,US/ UK spec, type of car, that sort of thing. Between him and the other man he works with, they can generally get you a car in less than a week. Spread the word if you or any buddies need a car. 

just sayin --- 7 years ago -

I appreciate every ones help on this. I hope nobody minds but any information learned here I will pass this on to the other newcomers with me that are in the same situation.

I have mentioned already that I met someone online that has a contact who sells cars for around $1500 and it caught a lot of peoples attention. 

Catherine --- 7 years ago -

That's no problem! Just make sure that when they email, mention something about a car in the title, otherwise it goes to my junk mail. Good luck and I hope we can find something for you guys! 

Jeni --- 7 years ago -

We'll be contacting you Catherine. I'm determined my Hubby sell off his money-pit and get something else! 

Catherine --- 7 years ago -

LOL Jeni, that is how my hubby got into it. He has a money pit that he is selling and started finding cheap cars to replace it with. Just send an email and we can find something for you! 

just sayin --- 7 years ago -

just to clarify we are talking about US Dollars $ and not GBP £ right? 

Catherine --- 7 years ago -

Yes. His thing is that he doesn't charge more than $1500 or 1000 GBP. 

Catherine --- 7 years ago -

Just an update, my husband has quite a few manual UK spec cars ready to go, should be getting automatics in next week. All are going for less than $1500, or 1000 GBP. 

Bella --- 7 years ago -

try the lemon lots on RAFL and RAFM also. 

David --- 7 years ago -

Be very carefull with people that buy cars off of ebay and sell them on. They are on ebay for a reason 90% are not safe, if you value your family don't do it,buy from a registered dealer. It may cost you more but how much is peace of mind worth. 

new guy --- 7 years ago -


new guy --- 7 years ago -

sorry for blank above...just moved here where are rafl and rafm lemon lots located? 

Bella --- 7 years ago -

RAFM one is in the parking lot near the gateway inn. Pop into the Bob Hope and have a look through the binder as they look after the lot. 

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