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Cancel Vodafone Contract

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Roderick --- 10 years ago -

I will be leaving soon, and I have 2 Vodafone contract phones. I tried to terminate the contract with them, and they told me 425 GBP per line. I'm pretty sure that when I got the phones, I was assured of a military clause. I really hate to just bail on them and close my pound account, but I cant pay them over 800 pounds to get rid of these lines. Any help is appreciated. BTW, I will go into the store under the guise of a newly arrived person and see what i can get out of them. 

**** --- 10 years ago -

hey vodafone doesn't have military clause.. you pay the rest of your contract unless you can find someone to take over it maybe... 

AolGirl --- 10 years ago -

I have been told by the guy in the bx that there is a military clause but people had warned me that it was not true... sorry you got a bum deal. Sometimes people are willing to take on a contract though. 

**** --- 10 years ago -

yeah if you actually contact vodaphone they will tell you there is not... they even told us that in our new comer brief.. 

lizglowark --- 10 years ago -

Many people get others to take over their contracts. Try posting and ad for the monthly cost and features and length of the contract left. With some incentive for someone to take your contract over.. like a decent phone for free or some cash. 

Lisa --- 10 years ago -

There is NO military clause. It is not like the States, unfortunatly. The guy at the BX warned us of that. I go through Cambridge though, when anything happens with Vodafone. They are MUCH better! 

Matt --- 10 years ago -

They dont have your SS# 

Chelle --- 10 years ago -

Matt - but the person's first shirt could be brought into it, etc. When we first moved here the people that lived in our house bailed on a couple of bills and we kept getting notices which were turned over to our first shirt - it will come back and nail one if they just bail on a bill or contract and the Military will hold the member accountable. Falls under personal responsibility. Which is why we recommend PAYG so you don't have to deal with the BS.. 

Matt --- 10 years ago -

How much time left do you have on your contract? 

Roderick --- 9 years ago -

Sorry so long on the reply. We got them on 1 Aug last year. There are 2 lines with identical numbers except for the last digit, so they should be enticing to new couples (I guess). 

Tiffany --- 9 years ago -

I'm surprised they gave you a contract if you've only had them for a year and are leaving already. Normally they will check your DEROS before even allowing you to have a contract. Right now is prime PCS season, so keep advertising it and you might get lucky. Good luck! 

brice850 --- 6 years ago -

This is old but in case anyone reads this PCSing in Do not get Vodafone on base. They should be kicked off base. I stopped by there the other day and asked them if there was a military clause and he said yes. I already new they didn't.

Bring your unlocked phone from US. Get 3 Mobile. You will save $2-3k while your here. 

LeopardPagan --- 6 years ago -

you can still get Vodafone here in the UK, several pay as you go plans, there are even some 12month contract plans.
But i too have heard some weird stuff about the on base vodafone. in fact when i was in Bury st edmunds they said that they get the most USAF people there than thru on base. 

a3490098uu --- 6 years ago -

I was released from a contract when the service no longer worked in my new residence.

Be more creative. Don't let yourself get robbed. 

Didnt Go to the West Coast cos --- 6 years ago -

Just close the £ account. Vodaphone wont persue you in the USA. If you sell the phones here before you go they will become blocked for use in the uk so take them with you . 

a4188329uu --- 6 years ago -

I'm kinda having the same problem.. I leave in 7 days, assumed that my orders were sure to let me cancel the contract, did not know at all at the time that it wouldn't. I still have about a year left on my contract. I haven't gone into bury to check to see how much I have to pay, only because I'm afraid it'll be like 500gbp... Does anyone know if freezing the account would help? Thanks 

Nayr91 --- 5 years ago -

Just a heads up with this one, I work in the phone store in the BX that sells Vodafone. We do have a full Military clause which allows you to cancel your commitment with Vodafone upon showing us orders which show you're leaving the country. Anybody who has not been allowed to cancel your contract has probably purchased off base, the military clause is with the company that supplies phones on base "Mobile Exchange Centre". It is NOT with Vodafone. So you need to purchase through them in order to access the clause. The only thing you'd need to worry about paying is if you want to keep your phone, if you don't you can hand the phone in, in good working condition and you won't have anything to pay.

Thank you 

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