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Zack Fm - 1 years ago by Wayne - Reply

Good evening, I hope your well?? I would like to inform you all that Jeff Davis is not involved with zackfm and hasn't been for around 3 years the station is growing from strength to strength with a new director! We would love for you all to help us build this station bigger it's here for you guys ?? We can't do this without your help??

Cornhole. - 2 years ago by a2902370uu - Reply

Are there any teams or leagues running for corn hole?

Or is anybody interested in starting up a team for cornhole?

Off lead dog walks - 3 years ago by bellesparkes - Reply

Thank you for the suggestion on Weeting Castle. Took my dog and kids and they all loved it.

There was a ton of dog poo not picked up! Apart from that lovely place to spend the afternoon, playing armies and chasing the dog.

New V.P.C. - 4 years ago by PCS Hell - Reply

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO STAR RENTALS!!! We failed our inspection for MUD on the struts, mud flaps and bumper. The mud was caked on. It cost us 80 pounds and they delivered our vehicle to the VPC. Unbelievable, we had to wait over a month to get the car inspected again. Failing for mud is just a ridiculous oversight on Star Rental's part. I would recommend Kerrie's (Brandon) or Steam Genie (Newmarket)

What happened...... - 4 years ago by ABlastFromThePast - Reply

To that snizzle douche? Or was he Paddle Faster? He's a royal cunt.

SIM cards - 4 years ago by susimaru - Reply

Can I use my pre pay SIM in ANY phone as long as it's unlocked? Not sure how SIMs work.

Ya sure you can use any prepaid GSM sim in any GSM unlocked phone freely else if the phone is locked to some other network provider then it wont accept your prepaid sim until you unlock it ...If your mobile belongs to blackberry then you cna easily unlock it using sites like here they are rendering network unlock code for all blackberry mobile models at reliable cost .Else if you want to unlock some other mobile model then visit sites like here they are rendering network unlock code for all mobile models at reliable cost .After unlocking the phone you can freely use it with any GSM sim ...

SOLARSAT Are Moving Off Base! - 4 years ago by Nayr91 - Reply

Or visit the store in the Lakenheath and Mildenhall bases that are certified sky dealers :)

Cancel Vodafone Contract - 4 years ago by Nayr91 - Reply

Just a heads up with this one, I work in the phone store in the BX that sells Vodafone. We do have a full Military clause which allows you to cancel your commitment with Vodafone upon showing us orders which show you're leaving the country. Anybody who has not been allowed to cancel your contract has probably purchased off base, the military clause is with the company that supplies phones on base "Mobile Exchange Centre". It is NOT with Vodafone. So you need to purchase through them in order to access the clause. The only thing you'd need to worry about paying is if you want to keep your phone, if you don't you can hand the phone in, in good working condition and you won't have anything to pay.

Thank you

China sets - 4 years ago by Sallie - Reply

China sets - 4 years ago by Sallie - Reply

Does anyone know where the lady is located that sells china sets out if her house in Feltwell?

Lakenheath Yard Sales Closed - 4 years ago by a4218193uu - Reply

What a sad day LYS is no more. Bookoo has ceased trading. I am now beginning to realise how much time I spent on there. Probably done me a favour.

Marked for life - 4 years ago by susimaru - Reply

Anyone have the phone number? I wanna get a new tattoo before we PCS, Thank-ya-kindly! :P

Hi you can easily find the phone number of Marked for life tatto company ..Then do whois search for their official website through sites like here they will display details like domain registrant name ,address ,phone number ,email id and so on ...I did whois search and found their registrant phone number it was +44.7973656022 ..I hope it will be helpful to you...

MILITARY COLLECTABLES Thetford Militaria Fair 28/09/14 - 4 years ago by norfolkfairs - Reply

Thetford Miltaria Fair on 28/09/14 will be host to some of the countries leading dealers in Militaria. On offer will be a variety of quality Miltary collectables including Medals, Badges, Uniforms, Bayonets, Swords, Helmets, Equipment Deactivated Weapons etc.. Mainly from WWI & WWII. Held at the Breckland Leisure Centre, Croxton Rd, Thetford, Norfolk. IP24 1JD. 10am-2pm. Ample free parking, licences cafe. dmission £2.50 - accompanied under 16's free.

Attention Military Spouse!!! - 4 years ago by a4811858uu - Reply

Sterling Medical Corp is seeking Military spouses for the following career opportunities:

Lactation Consultant's
Clinical Psychologist's
Mental Health Social Workers

Please email your resume to

Furniture Room - 4 years ago by a4042163uu - Reply

I was told yesterday about the negative comments on here about Margaret. I was so surprised, I had to check it out for myself. I have been to the ' Furniture Room 'on several occasions and always found Margaret very polite and helpful. If the person who posted these negative comments was so upset, why did you not talk to Margaret face to face and at least give her the chance to respond.

Car Wash/Detailing - 4 years ago by a4218193uu - Reply

Another recommendation this time for Ian sr. I have used Ian for my car repairs for over 20 years, what can I say, best service and best price in the area. You will not find a better guy anywhere, always goes out of his way to help.

Car Wash/Detailing - 4 years ago by Kerrie - Reply

The word on the block is, THE BEST PLACE to get your car PCS cleaned to shipping standards with a guaranteed pass IS K.C.S.! 01842 819888. Book early in advance to avoid disappointment & possibly a fail. She is very popular & very busy.

New V.P.C. - 4 years ago by Kerrie - Reply

Star rentals, just an up to date update. Have you had any failures yet? Are you included in the voucher system for the undercarriage clean? Why does the vehicle have to drive slowly over a gravel road? You say that "no vehicles have failed due to the lane" but have any failed due to your cleaning? Many thanks in advance :D

July 4th celebration - 4 years ago by Nahthanks - Reply

used cars to purchase - 4 years ago by a4822423uu - Reply

Good morning,
I am inquiring if you purchase used cars?

What is your speed? - 4 years ago by a3284266uu - Reply

15.55 on a Friday in June. Low Cost Car Rental on Mildenhall Industrial Estate on a BT account. Hitting 30.16 Mbs down and .94Mbs up.

US Car Rental - 4 years ago by a3284266uu - Reply

Sorry, spamming our own post! If you want to get in touch please go through the Low Cost Car Rental website

Thanks guys!

US Car Rental - 4 years ago by a3284266uu - Reply

We rent cars exclusively to US military, have done for over 25 years. We do a regular monthly promo and a free loyalty scheme.

We'd like to hear from Bookoo users about what they'd like to receive as rewards or what kind of offers would be valuable.

Right now we're working with Wok n Rock in Lakenheath, Angel's Cafe in Mildenhall and trying to set something up with ITT. We give away a months free car rental, £75 cash prizes and a bunch of goodies.

Help us out with ideas?!

New V.P.C. - 4 years ago by star rentals - Reply

Star rentals are located along a gravel road, not a farm, a secure unit behind locked gates. We do ask that after an undercarriage clean you drive slowly along the gravel lane, we have had no problems with this, no vehicles have failed due to the lane, we have had failures from other cleaning companies sent to us and they have all passed after our clean, we take pride in our work and would feel that we fail if cars dont pass, we have had nothing but good feedback from customers and they have recommended us to their friends

New V.P.C. - 4 years ago by Kerrie - Reply

Are you the company that is located up a the farm track road?

SOLARSAT Are Moving Off Base! - 4 years ago by a3225464uu - Reply

Any questions regarding our move please get in touch.

Broadband speed test &advise - 4 years ago by a3225464uu - Reply

Before you move in check your broadband options, costs and most important speed!.
Free speed test and advise from all available internet providers in your area.
Please contact Solarsat today.

SOLARSAT Are Moving Off Base! - 4 years ago by a3225464uu - Reply

Dear Valued Customers.

Please note Solarsat will be moving from inside the Lakenheath BX and operating all of our business from our long established Mildenhall store, please see link below for directions.

We are leaving on friendly terms with AAFES and have enjoyed serving all of our customers inside the BX over the last 5 years and will continue to from our Mildenhall Town Store

This move will take placE end of working day on 29th June without any interruption to business in any way.

With this move brings exciting deals and promotional offers to all existing and future customers, without the over heads of the base shop we will be passing these savings onto our customers to add to our competitive range of products and services From your original USAF Friendly business SOLARSAT.

From all the team at Solarsat and Myself in this matter we look forward to seeing you all in our Mildenhall Store soon!

Barry, George, Pern, Paul & Shannon.

Our Mildenhall Store is open for Business, please click the link below or copy and paste into your browser for direction:

Visit our website:

Like us on facebook and see our regular deals:

Car Wash/Detailing - 4 years ago by a3811425uu - Reply

Hello all,

Just wanted to write my review for G & I Autoparts. They were a great help to me, I needed to get my car detailed and undercarriage cleaned before our PCS move. Ian Jr. was a huge help to me and he was a very nice man. If you need a thorough car detail done for a reasonable price, please come see Ian for the job. Thanks again Ian, you are a life saver.

G & I Autoparts
White Bridge Farm, Southery Road, Feltwell, Norfolk IP26 4EJ, United Kingdom +44 1842 829796

other Americans in the swaffham area - 4 years ago by Hannah - Reply

Hi. We have recently been stationed here (Raf Mildenhall) and we moved to swaffham. We were wondering if there were any other Americans in the swaffham area. :)

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