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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-22, 8 years ago.

» save Rolf as my FRIEND - HOSER


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zack fm - 7 years ago

Hi Mr Davis. Thank you for taking the time to post that on here. As you are such a cool upstanding member of the community, I will have no hesitation in spreading the word for you

Airman Hit By Car - 7 years ago

DRUNK !?!! WTF !

Airman Hit By Car - 7 years ago

[i]just curious. why do they send them back to the states asap?? [/i] Put it this way, when there is a car accident around here - 99% of the time - it is a visiting American at fault. FACT. ALL ...

Why has my account been deleted? - 7 years ago

Lee Matthews has obviously been hanging around with the other con-man for too long ! He is trying to promote his new 'yardsales' site by tricking people into thinking that he (Admin/LYS) and the ne...

Why has my account been deleted? - 7 years ago

Probably because you are trying to pass yourself off as 'Admin' on this site. You are NOT the site administrator.

Question to the underground.. - 7 years ago

For some 'strange' reason SSDD wants me to quit talking about the serial conman and sex offender Jeffrey Scott Davis of ZACK 105.3FM Can we take a vote on this ?

What happened to Shairbase ? - 7 years ago

Any ideas anyone..?

SSDD locking topics in the public interest - 7 years ago

Here we go again, SSDD abusing his powers as a mod and locking topics in the public interest

July 4th celebration - 7 years ago

[i]Just watch what you say about those who may be victims here. You're only furthering the damage already done[/i] Point taken. I respect that comment.

July 4th celebration - 7 years ago

[i]Rolf, I'm not sure about all the other stuff you posted, but Jed wasn't 15, and is actually a really good guy who seems to have been duped like everyone else. You're reaching a little far now. I wa...

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